Monthly Archives: July, 2012

Day 16 – The Chicks Visit the Outdoors

So today the chicks are sixteen days old. Boy does the time fly! And speaking of flying, some of the bigger chicks have already started leaping into the air, flapping their little baby wings like mad. Gravity seems to be winning out on this one and none of them have actually made it anywhere. Still …

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Day 9 – Happy Chickies Moving Up in the World


So the chicks are growing up fast. They are probably three times the size they were when I got them and suffice to say the 20 gallon aquarium was getting a bit cramped. Also some of the smaller birds are lagging behind so I decided to split the group into two smaller groups, putting the …

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Day 8 – Back to the Blogging!

Well I have great news – we haven’t lost any chicks since my last update and they’re all growing like weeds. In fact they eating so much that I have already had to go out and buy a second bag of food. I have started to feed them table scraps to supplement their diet. They’re …

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Day 4 – They’re Getting Wee Wings!


Today’s been a great day. We had no mortalities and everyone seems to be growing strong. I have been noticing a few things though. I read Cornish are the tastiest chickens there are but they have a slow grow rate. The meat industry likes to cross Cornish with the faster growing (and bigger) Plymouth Rocks …

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Day 3 – Breaking Even

Yesterday when I changed the bedding in my chick’s tank I took them all out and put them in a box counting as I put them in. I also counted them as I took them out. There were 27. How could there be 27 if I ordered 27 and two had already died? Did this …

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Day 2 – Observations and News

Unfortunately I am starting out today with a little sad news, our little Polish chick did not make it. I fed her electrolytes but I think she was too far gone when I got her. She may have been overwhelmed by being surrounded by much larger chicks. I sort of mistakenly figured all chicks must …

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The Chicks have Arrived!

Got a phone call at 6 this morning stating that our chicks were at a post office one town away. I guess our own post office can’t be bothered with such things. So we went down there, picked up a very loud box of peepers, and went home to set them up. There was one …

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Selecting Our Chicken Breeds


My boyfriend is Dutch and he wanted to have chickens like he had growing up. They were called Barnevelders. Common in their country of origin, Holland, they’re not so much here in the States! I looked them up. $25 for a single day old chick. OUCH. I told him maybe when we know what we’re …

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Introduction – Why Chickens?

Hello, my name is Typhani and this is my new blog about my latest endeavor: raising backyard chickens. This is really my boyfriend Fish’s idea but I will happily catalog our entire journey for others to follow. We decided to keep chickens after repeatedly being grossed out by all the ‘news’ we hear about the …

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