Monthly Archives: April, 2013

The Serama Chicks Go Outside for the First Time

The Seramas have kept me on my toes lately! The chicks are all fully feathered (save for two real young chicks) and were ready to go outside so I let them spend a few hours playing in the sun in a 5 foot tall multi-level critter cage. They figured out the ramps real fast and …

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A Winter Storm Warning – Are you KIDDING me?!

So I had all the heavy breed chicks and the Seramas outside in temporary caging, which doesn’t have a coop attached. I have been bringing the Serama into the shed during the night to protect them from wildlife and cold…. but the heavy breed chicks were good on their own until I could build them …

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Long-Awaited Update on the Seramas

I know I haven’t posted a blog entry in forever.. The reason is quite simple. I was using my cell phone as a camera and now it refuses to send photos via a convenient USB plug to my computer. I haven’t had the ump in me to want to upload them individually. SIGH. I do …

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