Monthly Archives: May, 2013

It’s Been a Rough Few Weeks! Plus New Arrivals

Well, the last time I posted I was lamenting the loss of a pullet – likely due to a dog that wasn’t my own. Since then I have made sure all my laying girls are locked in their coop at night and have been dragging the Seramas to and from the shed every morning and …

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It’s been a tough week for the chickens

Well, I half-way figured out why my pullets died but it doesn’t bring me much comfort. I went out last night around 5PM and everything was well. Sometime before midnight it began to rain and a thunderstorm blew over. Let me tell you this was like no other thunderstorm I’ve seen here. It was angry …

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Another Sad Day – More Frustration

I am so frustrated right now… I have no idea why I keep loosing pullets but I found another one dead today. That means of five pullets I have lost three. The first I thought was scared to death by a loose dog I spotted that day, the second I felt may have been chased …

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Craigslist Chaos – an Impolitely Worded Rant

Well! I wanted to get all my chicken chores done or started after my last post but I am afraid life got into the way again. For the past two or three weeks everything around here has been CRAZY. I have been getting four hours of sleep a night and my body and mind are …

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Too Many Boys & the Orpingtons are Still Profoundly Stupid


Well, there’s been a lot going on here as far as chickens are concerned. Of the ten mixed heavy breed chicks I hatched I ended up with five roosters and five pullets. One of the roosters succumbed to a freak accident – I found him dangling by the leg upside down caught in the wire …

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