Monthly Archives: April, 2015

Spying on the Feral Cat Population – Game Cam Night One


In an effort to understand the strange ways of our feral cat population we’ve set up a game camera….

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New Serama Babies! And Ducklings on the Way!


Two new members of our flock hatched today and they’re cute as buttons!

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Cornish Chickens Showing Off Their Humor


Cornish Chickens being funny.

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Another Round of Culling with the Brabanters


Deciding who gets to breed the next generation and who gets to be sold to mixed laying flocks to be pets…

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Mystery Creature Fights, A New Compost Box, and The Beginnings of a Bug Farm

2015-04-15 13.08.44

One of the feral tom cats got into a fight with something, we try to figure out what. Also photos of our DIY compost box and bug farm.

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Breed Temperament Updates

2015-04-12 12.57.20

We’re now witnessing the personalities emmurge from each of these breeds: Gold Brabanter, Welsummers, Silver Gray Dorkings, and White Laced Red Cornish

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Moving Chicks to the Barn and New PVC Feeders!

2015-04-12 12.53.27

A photo heavy update all about moving our chicks from our in-house brooder to the barn. Also a PVC pipe feeder we built.

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Photos & Updates on the Chicks

2015-04-01 21.13.51

General update on how the chicks are doing – Brabanters, Dorkings, Cornish, and Welsummers.

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The Search for Safe Weeds and Grasses for all Sorts of Farm Animals…

The long and arduous journey of finding plants safe for all the critters to feed themselves with…

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