Continuing Forward Despite Adversity

I haven’t updated this blog forever and I know I should – people are wondering, did I fall off the face of the planet? Not quite but pretty close. I am back to living with my mother and it’s been a month and hasn’t been easy. This house is hoarded to the hilt and there’s really no room for me here. It’s taken me a month to set up the pull out couch to sleep on, get the bathroom functioning, set up my bunnies in a proper habitat, and haul out the kitchen enough to cook in. Anyone who has had to live with a hoarder knows it’s a depressing prospect with no end. I wouldn’t be here if I had a choice. Still, in the face of what seems to be insurmountable odds I am not depressed or defeated. I have found within myself a strength I didn’t know existed, a hope for the future, and a joy of life.

I know the more time I spend here the more likely I will become sick and depressed so I have made it especially important to leave whenever I can. This has resulted in me starting up a new travel blog, Catching Marbles. I have decided to explore all the odd nooks and corners of New England, learning history and seeing beautiful sights in the process. And if you are still sticking around to see what I do as far as farming… well, I am starting up a garden here. It’s little and nothing like what I was doing before but I hope it’ll be full of whimsy and joy, keeping one last little bit of the farming life with me as I live “between farms.”

I continue to aspire to having my own tiny house and homestead and truly believe I can make it happen some day. I haven’t been looking for properties or new housing options since I moved in because I have yet to set up a work space here to do all my computer chores and continue making art for my fund raising campaign. This is driving me nuts but I will get there! And there will be no stopping me from there!

In the meanwhile I am looking forward to selling unusual cookies, maybe nougat, and weird pies (parsnip and carrot to start off with) at three local farmer’s markets – Rindge, Peterborough, and New Ipswitch. I may bring some art along too – really depends if anyone is interested. Life is not over. I may have taken the hard path and continue to do so but I feel it’s the right path and should I reach the end of it I will be so thrilled to be running an educational farm for the community!

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