Farmer’s Market Season has Started!

So I no longer live on a farm, that doesn’t mean I can’t still sell my goods at farmer’s markets and craft fairs, which I fully intend to do so long as I can afford a table. I started this year sharing a table with my mother at the market in town. It was ungodly hot, 86 degrees, and to add to my troubles it was also insanely windy which resulted in the tent nearly blowing away. My mother had to leave me to hold it up as she went home and got anchors for the thing. Did I mention she didn’t leave me with the change box or a chair to sit on? Yeah. That didn’t really end well… but hey! I made it!

My mother wanted to set up a sale table for her soaps which were made last year and were losing their smell and had lost their labels. I asked if I could share the table and put out some of my hand made magnets and some stroopwafels (which are these amazing Dutch cookies that are completely addictive.) I was shocked how many people knew what stroopwafels were – all were world travelers and I felt I was selling them happy memories. It was a really wonderful feeling. Sure there were only seven vendors and about the same amount of customers but I don’t think this was a bad start to the season… not for Rindge anyway. I am going to check out the markets in Peterborough and New Ipswich next and if they are to my liking I will do my rounds weekly whenever I can to see if I can get those elusive repeat customers.

In the meanwhile I have started my garden. Believe it or not I have had to keep all my plants in the house until now because even though yesterday was 86 degrees while I was at the farmer’s market the nights have still been getting cold enough to freeze things! My gardener friend in town laments, “It’s going to be a short growing season.” But that’s OK. I have cucumbers, several types of squash, pumpkins, watermelons, several types of tomatoes, several colors of bell peppers, Brussel sprouts, parsnips, carrots, and beans. I haven’t even started in on the herbs or flowers yet but that’s still in the planning stages! And so is my little future home. I am still looking into shipping containers and it’s still looking like the cheapest and best option right now. I even went out yesterday and marked out a 40 foot by 8 foot space, which is the measurement of a shipping container, and proceeded to see if I had room to do everything I wanted. I have different needs than most people who move into tiny houses. I need a large kitchen for canning and old school food prep, I insist on a bathtub for sanity reasons, and yes, I demand a washer and dryer because I am not driving to a laundromat whenever I need to do the wash. But with that being said I don’t care if my bedroom is literally just a space for my bed and the entertaining area can be very minimal for now. I’ll be too busy working on the place to have many people over for dinner! Besides, when the weather is nice we should all be outside anyway! I look very much forward to all this and can’t wait until I see the day where it comes together. I am still aiming for that 30 acre teaching farm but I realize this might be reaching to far and have made a whole series of plan b’s. The fact I was able to make so many back up options has given me great comfort and faith that I will not languish in my mother’s probably radio-active house for long. I will have a homestead — or I’ll die trying!

2010-12-31 23.00.00-24.jpg

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