New Winter Projects

As summer comes to a close and my garden gives up the last of it’s labors I am forced to turn my attention to more indoor activities. Of course while there’s still no snow on the ground I will continue to travel for my other blog Catching Marbles but after that?

A lot of homesteading online seems to revolve only around gardening and raising of livestock – which is nice but not all inclusive enough. Traditionally homesteading included a lot more skills than just the preparation of food. In the winters women in particular would spin, knit, sew, read, and indulge in creative arts. So this is likely what I will be doing as well.

Lucky for me I just scored this wonderful industrial sewing machine. All I had to do was replace the switch on it which took me around $6 and fifteen minutes of my time, if that. It works like a dream and I am excited to get back into something I abandoned years ago: making corsets, historical garb, and designing other unique and beautifully odd clothing. It’s about the right time too because none of my clothing fits me anymore since a rather drastic loss of weight. Did I mention I loathe shopping? Nothing in these little podunk towns sparks my imagination like the things I can create on my own… Perhaps I’ll post a few of my creations from time to time. I’ll be starting out in celebrating androgyny, one of my favorite things in the world. And not to leave my dear readers out of the fun stick around because I will be starting an Etsy shop and I don’t know what I will be throwing on there but at the very least it’ll be interesting. Corsets, hand-made sculptures, knit octopuses… all likely! And if that isn’t enough I am going to see if there’s any arts or craft shows I can afford a table for. Time to get my name out there.



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