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An Invitation to Come on a New Journey


The death of Rindle Ridge Farm beckons the birth of a new larger idea – and a request for help.

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A Tale of Too Many Roosters


Sometimes when you volunteer to do a good deed you end up with a coop full of roosters…

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Marans & Basque Hens

Well our incubator spiked at 103 for six hours… Was sure that the whole incubator got fried, and two and a half of the drawers indeed did (we lost half the bantams we were incubating as a favor, the Dorking, and the Brabanter drawer.) Despite this over 30 Marans hatched! I will be keeping them …

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Chocolate Colored Egg Madness

2016-04-03 19.59.44

In January I wanted to bring on some more Welsummers (as I needed a good rooster) some Rhode Island Whites to make sex links out of, and some Marans for chocolate eggs which I could also cross to the legbars to make olive eggers. People seem to love getting weird colored eggs. It’s a real …

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The Long Wait for Barnevelders

2016-04-05 14.18.00

When we first got into chickens I wanted Barnevelders. They’re a Dutch breed and they laid big dark eggs and had a pretty lacing pattern. I had bought some eggs and they were some of the first birds I hatched — but they died of Marek’s not long after that. This was on the old …

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The Mille Fleur Leghorn Search & Result

2016-04-13 19.28.20

I wanted some pretty egg laying machines to add to my laying flock after eating egg sales started to surpass expectation. To keep up with demand I needed something stellar – I needed some leghorns. The thing is I don’t really like leghorns. They’re usually all white birds who do well in heat but not …

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Plans for Spring Hatching


Well, we will be setting everyone up in breeding pens this weekend if all goes right which means in a few weeks we will be collecting eggs for hatching of the following breeds: Gold Brabanter Silver Gray Dorking Heritage Rhode Island Red (Rose-Comb) Silver Penciled Rocks Cream Legbars Seramas (frizzled and smooth) Experimental Sex-Links (RIR …

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The Cabinet Incubator is Up!

2016-01-23 00.14.19

Well, it took us long enough but we finally built a cabinet incubator. Instead of relying on a small foam Hova-bator we now have a 5 drawer cabinet incubator which seems to do a lot better keeping at the right temperature and humidity. We can now potentially do hatches of several hundred chicks at a …

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Our Search for the Best Brabanter Rooster


We are about to go through our last wave of culling and take only the best of the roosters to breed. Which 3 will make the cut??

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We’re Starting a Mealworm Farm!

2015-05-14 12.32.36

We’re starting a mealworm farm so our chickens can have a rich source of protein this winter!

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