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Warning: Nerdiness Follows – All you never bothered to ask about eggs

Alright this entry is going to be a strange one! Basically I have one laying hen who has given me all sorts of eggs, an incubator who likes making omelets, and a constantly wandering mind. These three things have conspired and created an experiment… Eggs are strange things. When they are laid they already have …

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Another Lost Batch


Well, I am super annoyed now. My incubator did it again! After 23 days I cracked open some of the A-L batch to see why they hadn’t hatched. They stopped developing very early on, sometime in the first week of being put in there which means the temperature must have spiked when I hadn’t realized …

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Getting Ready for Winter and New Chicks

Well, today is day 18 since putting in the last batch of eggs. Unfortunately I didn’t record how long it took my last two to hatch so I am still in the dark about when to expect them with people saying Serama eggs hatch anywhere between 18-21 days. I have been weighing the eggs everyday …

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Egg Issues and Candling

My Serama hen has laid two soft-shelled eggs in a row. I do come by broken ones every now and then and without picking them up I will allow her to eat them to regain the missing calcium. I never bothered to check why they were broken. As it turns out the food I have …

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Serama Updates

serama chicks 032

Well my two miracle Serama chicks are doing wonderfully. In fact they are both weighing in at 1.2 ounces today. They were 0.7 and 0.8 at hatching. I  have also been weighing the eggs in the incubator and have learned that they vary by one tenth of an ounce depending on humidity levels. Perhaps I …

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