Monthly Archives: February, 2015

More Drama, More Chicks, and More Fluff than I can Handle!

2015-02-26 14.55.29

I am left to scramble when I find myself without a car and the chicks arriving at the PO a day early…

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Continuing Chick Saga…


Day 2 the Welsummer chicks decide to be tiny fuzzy bullies and the Cornish and Polish chicks decide to call it quits.

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Chick Arrival – Not the Greatest Start to the Week…


I don’t know what happened to this box of chicks but it wasn’t pretty.

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Broodbox 2.0

2015-02-21 22.07.41

We built a new broodbox in anticipation of our first shipment of chicks.

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Short Rant on How the AKC is Fucking up Entire Breeds

Are Giant Schnauzers doomed to follow the “roach back” German Shepherds that they share the show ring with?!

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Cutting Costs without Cutting Quality – Of Permaculture and Feeding Chickens

Perhaps the best way to reduce the cost of raising chickens is allowing them to harvest their own food.

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Starting our poultry farm with a bang!

Overconfidence and a hatchery mix-up result in a lot of chicks!

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Beilefelder and Brabanter FAIL – onward we go!

silvergraydorking (1)

Having failed at hatching Beilefelder eggs and ordering Brabanter chicks we move on to check out other breeds…

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